13 Best Imgur Alternatives | Free Image Hosting Sites

Are you tired of Imgur with limitations or looking for free image hosting sites? If so, we have the best list of sites like Imgur for sending and posting photos.

Imgur Alternatives

As a Reddit user, you’ll have heard of Imgur at some point. Alan Schaaf propounded this site for sending images in 2009 was mainly developed as a gift to a community in Reddit.

It becomes so famous by making a hit of thousand in a week each day and then making 1,000,000 points in the first month. From the Alexa record, it’s at the highest point of 100 on the internet.

Imgur has a drawback; in this case, if you are getting tired of limitations on this site, the below are apps like Imgur in sending and posting your pictures.

What was the reason you chose to leave Imgur?

What did it contain, and what conditions Imgur has not yet answered to. Foremost, it reduced all of your uploaded data to 1MB in size.

Next is that no feature of editing the video or photo after publication, which most people assume is not that important. And finally, on Imgur, when videos or pictures are posted, you don’t have access to the content you posted anymore.

13 Best sites like Imgur for free image hosting

1. UltraIMG

One of those Imgur alternatives is UltraIMG. A single file upload can be up to 10MB. Hotlinking and photos format is included. This site also approves files such as PNG, BMP, JPG, GIFs.

Users don’t need to register before uploading their pictures on this platform. When you have an account on UltraIMG you have access to some features, such as sharing easy social networks, to view counter of album image.

Also, Extensions in Firefox and Chrome can be used aside from those if the users use desktop.

2. Photobucket


Photobucket is the soft & easy alternative to Imgur on this website in image-hosting. This free image hosting site sends outdated features and resizes pictures with URL

This site gives additional attributes on subscription packs. The price is in the range of $6-13, and there are features and pricing on the main page.

3. Postimage


It’s one of those free image hosting sites like Imgur, which helps create a fixed link on Twitter, Facebook etc…. Postimage is a primary service that helps users who love posting photos on forums.

Users can post pictures in a group or personally, and Uploading in a group is restricted to 1,000 at a time. The free account with unknown users has limited file sizes. Your photo can’t be more than 10,000 by 10,000 pixels or more than 12MB. It is a situation where the premium account is paid for, and it’s restricted to 24MB.

However, postimage didn’t give an order for charges; the greatest is that there is no limitation for photos uploading in this account. If you put a variety of pics on the platform but never use them in a way that lets Postimage make money from advertising, you’ll be billed (for instance, pictures embedded into URL, which leads back to the platform).

4. Kek.gg


Are you looking for a whistle and bell? Kek.gg Is not a site to use. An uploading tool is all that the homepage has to offer; the UI is simple.

Do you love privacy? Then kek.gg is for you in posting your content without creating an account.

There are no limitations on the types of pictures you want to upload on their server. It is a free speech site, and it will be okay as long as the picture is lawful. You can use it to post things that aren’t safe to show to people.

Kek.gg is a free advertising platform with a limit of 5MB posts, which might be sustainable for JPG.

5. ImgBox


Another Imgur alternatives is imgBox. Users can post unlimited videos or pictures on this free image hosting site with no limited storage time. This site is also the fastest of the ones listed above in terms of loading time.

And also, you can post more content without having an account. You can place it in galleries and upload it. The gallery limitation is that only 50 items can be posted on the website.

6. Image Shack

Image Shack

This alternative to Imgur is an image-hosting premium site that is free because you can access it without paying a premium plan.

Compared to Imgur, this free image hosting site is also good. All features of Imgur and those Imgur didn’t have is there, i.e., albums, privacy features, band editing.

Come to think of features provided with the different plans. You have the premium plan & basic price and benefits, as you can see it on the official page when you access it.

7. UNSee


UNSee has a distinct principle from other free image hosting sites. The uploaded images can be automatically deleted from the server on this site with conditions given on the image.

Finally, you can now see the detailed breakdown of what you’ve published on the UNSee website. This provides you with information concerning who and when people see your picture on the website.

8. PicPaste-Me


UNSee is similar to this PicPaste-me idea. Images and shots can be secure on the site, and the condition can be implied on pictures auto-lock or auto-delete.

This site is a free hosting website, but UNSeen doesn’t need of creating an account to upload content on the site. You can save content on the folder.

9. Imgpile


This site like Imgur is a hosting platform with unlimited features storage that is free, and content posted close to 100MB. This site harmonizes with hotlinking also.

Users can post photos without an account on the site; you can see some features and post history if only you have an account.

10. 500px

500px is for photographers; this site is not meant for all people. Users can upload pictures to earn money.

500px, users can’t upload the image without having an account, but you must complete the profile first because; you are needed to partner with them for business.

Membership is given with some features if you wish to get money from the site. Premium benefits & plans are there for you to pick.

11. Image Socket

It’s one of the best Imgur alternatives on the list. Image Socket is a free advert site where you can upload content without having an account on the site.

Image Socket is secured and accurate. You don’t need to worry about your photos because they are safe on the site. The premium plans have some advanced features.

12. Publitio

This site isn’t only ment for image-hosting but also gives a solution for managing your media asset. You can upload 10GB of files for free on this site. And also make use of the premium plans.

The website dashboard is soft and convenient to use, and pictures can be private on the site. You can display it if you wish.

The official page contains complete information about the features and arrangements for getting offers.

13. Imgreview

Imgreview site design is low and old, and you don’t need an account before you can upload pictures on this free image hosting site.

Customization options are available after an image has been uploaded to the site. This website has been included on our list since its creators are currently working to improve it.

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All the similar Imgur alternatives are divided into two different branches: privacy-focused service and general sharing. The content will determine which is service is okay for users.

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