How to Maintain Laptop Battery ; 7 Tips 

   It is incontrovertible fact that laptop battery has a specific time to get weak and stop working. Meanwhile, a new battery of a laptop can stay stronger for more than two years and more if properly maintained. Lack of proper maintenance of many laptop batteries results in quick damage of the battery. Without further ado, this article strictly explains the best ways in which you can maintain your laptop battery to be stronger and healthier.

Tips on How to Maintain Your Laptop Battery.

Tip 1: Power Your Battery With Original Charger:


     Do you know that the kind of charger you use to power your battery contributes to its health? There are always specific hours for your battery to be fully charged. Meanwhile, if your battery is using more or below the range of time for it to be fully charged, then you should quickly notice that something is already going wrong with either your charger or laptop battery. However, the best charger prescribed to be used in charging your battery must always be original or preferably the one attached to your laptop when you buy it new. You should therefore adhere to this tip because is goes a long way in maintaining the strong health of your battery.

  Tip 2: Avoid Charging When Voltage is Too High or Low:

     Many laptop users power their battery whenever the light is restored or have a drained battery without minding the current voltage of the electricity. You should know that a very high or low voltage of electricity has it side effects on your laptop battery. For instance, when there is a low voltage of electricity, the laptop battery may take triple of hours before it’s fully charged compared to when the voltage of the electricity is stable and normal.

It’s is therefore advisable you observe carefully before plugging your laptop in order not to damage the battery. Always power your laptop only when the stable and normal.

Tip 3: Drain Your Battery Sometimes to Improve its Health:

   Quite a number of laptop users always feel somehow whenever their system is totally drained, meanwhile the process improves the life and health of the battery. Once in while, you can just decide to use your laptop battery to 0% so as to regain the health of the battery. Also, you shouldn’t be used to working on your laptop while the laptop is charging unless is condition for such because the process gradually damages the battery unknowingly.

Tip 4:  Short Down Your Laptop Properly:

    This tip emphasizes that hibernating your laptop puts it on standby mode. This prone the battery to be walking every minute even if the user is not working on the laptop. Meanwhile, the battery has to get rest too when the laptop is not working. The process of hibernating the laptop therefore puts the battery in danger and reduces the performance of the battery most times. Make sure you always switch off your laptop completely in order to maintain battery health.

Tip 5: Avoid Overcharging :

   Another tip to maintain the good health of your laptop battery is to always unplug the charger whenever the battery is fully charged. You already know when exactly your battery complete charging, always remembers to unplug in order to avoid overcharging which is the quickest way to damage the battery’s health.

Tip 6: Get a Spare Battery

     Having two batteries for a single laptop will go a long way in maintaining the life of two batteries. When a battery is used for a week, you can simply swap to the second battery in order to make the first battery rest and regain strength.

Tip 7: Remove Your Battery When not Working on Laptop for a Long Time:

     Always ensure you remove your battery from your laptop if you’re not working on your laptop for time more than 24 hours. Leaving the battery in the laptop also reduces the performance of the battery. Also, the process can totally damage your battery and stop it from working.

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