How to Easily Link NIN with Your Sim Card: MTN, Airtel & 9mobile

How To Easily Link NIN With MTN, Airtel, And 9Mobile (Etisalat)

  So over years, the government of Nigerian has put little emphasis on the connection of a person’s sim(s) to his or her National Identification Number (NIN). Recently, the government stepped up with the notion and mandated that all network users connect their sim(s) to their unique NIN.

This proposal was made in order to lower the degree of fraud and unethical behavior prevalent including many Nigerians, the majority of which occur via their sim cards. This concept aims to both limit and track the owners of individual SIM cards.

Furthermore, all telecom companies have continued to send sms to each sim user urging them to register the sim through NIN in order to prevent being barred from making use of the sim. Despite the abundance of notifications and info on the connection NiN with our numerous sims, many internet users still struggle to complete such tasks.

This tutorial is therefore intended for people who are still unsure how to connect your NIN to their SIM via MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, or 9moblie. With the following explanations, the procedure is pretty straightforward.


How You Can link NIN with MTN Sim Card


For linking your NIN to your MTN sim card, simply go to the area on your phone where you typically dial contacts and type *785# followed by the exact number you desire to attach to your NIN. After phoning, it will instantly indicate where your National Identification Number should be imputed. Kindly enter the proper number and hit on send. If this is completed successfully, your NIN has been linked to your MTN sim.

OR; If you have difficulty with the preceding procedure, just call *785* National Identification Number # (e.g. *785*36216778494#) and submit. Your MTN sim card will be instantly linked to your NIN account.

Alternatively, you may go to and fill out the form there. with the help of your internet-connected mobile phone or computer system Ensure that you completely and accurately fill out the NIN registration form. Input your real name, phone number, National Identification Number, and email address. When finished, please submit the form and await a reply from the network operator.


How can I link NIN with my Airtel SIM


Simply dial *121# on the Airtel sim to which you wish to connect. A message will be shown, to which you should respond with 1 (for NIN linking) and then send. You will receive a response with an area for you to input your NIN. Send by pressing the 11 numbers. You wait a little period for verification of your registration. If that would be done correctly, your Airtel sim will be successfully linked to your NiN.


How you can Link NIN with Etisalat or 9mobile


Simply dial *2008#, wait for an answer, and then enter your NIN’s 11 digits.

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