Tips on How to Use Google Drive on Android, PC, & Mac

Google drive is one of the cloud storage that allow us to store all kind of files ( like images, backup file, video, zip file and much more) you decide to store and you can get access to your stored document through your PC, smartphone ( either android or other OS), tablet PC or Desktop computer. It even give you access to share your upload or stored files to families and friends by enable share option.

However, when will make comparison between Laptop and Android devices, its revealed that Android device have limited amount of internal storage space. Although you can use SD card as your external storage.

All recent android devices come with pre-installed app like Google drive

The basics things about it

Before you can use Google drive, you have to crate free account with google and all Google account have  cloud storage of 15GB capacity compared to other cloud storage (dropbox, pc cloud e.t.c) that provide 1-4GB capacity but you can expand it buy subscribing to a plan. I’m not promoting Google drive, everything you store on G-drive is everlasting in as much the G-account is still active.

How to upload files on Google drive with Android

You can upload your zip or rar files, MS documents, pictures, videos, app and much more to your G-drive account.

To upload files to G-drive, locate the files (like zip or folder) by using any file manager app, click on the file you want to upload for few second, different option will come up but pick share option>> navigate to Save to G-drive and click on it. It will take you to G-drive, you can add title and classified it inside a folder  and hit save button which is at the right-down corner of your display screen. You will see notification bar that display your uploading progress in case you are uploading larger files.

When upload is complete you can access it from anywhere through your PC, your android device, on mac book and other devices that have internet access.

You can also upload directly from your gallery only if the files are not zip, apk, document, or folder. To do that, navigate to your gallery, in case you want to upload in batch, you can select desire file you want to upload and tap share icon which usually look like left pointing triangle at the corner of the screen (either up or down). Select save to drive option.

How you can view file you uploaded on Drive

To view file you uploaded to Drive is quite simple with G-drive android app. Launch the app>> when the app is fully loaded>>you can scroll down to browse all file and folder you have uploaded and you can also search for the app you are looking for via the search bar gadget.

How to share G-drive files on Android device

To share files on G-drive, you can share it by links or send the file via G-drive, so that they can view whatever you share.

To share file, launch google drive app, hit more button on each file you want to share.

You have to option to share file; (1) Share the link so that other people can access it on Google Drive.

(2) Send the file directly to someone on G-Drive means individual person you send it to can have access to it. Sharing options you can either use facebook, emails, as message, via whatsapp and others means.

How you can view file that someone send to you through Google Drive app

Google Drive app will always notify you base on your activity via notification bar

How can I download file from Google drive?

If you want hard copy of any files you store on google drive, you can download it with the following procedure;

Navigate to your app menu search for  G-Drive app>> launch it, you will see thumbnail of each file you have uploaded to G-Drive and hit the three dots to see download option. And finally hit download button and wait for the file to be downloaded on your device. While downloading notification will pop up about your activities.

How to delete stored file from G-Drive with Android app

Assuming your G-drive account is full, you can check it via G-drive app by navigating to setting inside the app>> Tap on menu bar>> hit on Settings and you will see your storage space (both used and unused space).

In situation you want to free up space on your Drive;

Launch the app>>click more button on each file you want to delete>> choose delete option and the file will be remove from your G-drive storage.

How to use Google Drive on PC or Mac Book

I hope this is one of the easiest method to use on your Mac book or PC by doing drag and drop on browser with this link

Locate the file you want to upload on your PC while your browser is still open>>click and drag the folder or file on your PC to drive tab on your browser and upload process will begin.

Other option (which is applicable to iPhone users) is that when you open the Google Drive on your browser>> click on new button icon that is located at top-left corner on the website>> select either folder or file upload>> a screen will pop up that will allow you to browse the file you want to upload>> once you select the files you want to upload >> then hit upload button. This method is also available on both iPhone and Android device via web browser.


Idea of using google drive as your cloud storage  is pretty cool, because it will reduce low space storage on your Android, iPhone device, mac book and PC. It also increase the chance of moving and sharing files between two device that uses internet connection.

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