10 Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives Free & Paid

If you are a gamer and you are in love with GeoGuessr but want to try other free games like geoguessr. Then you are in the right place as we got your back.

GeoGuessr Alternatives

GeoGuessr – What is it?

GeoGuesser is a geography-based videogame that will utilise Google Street View to assess the players’ abilities to identify their environment in various parts of the world.

This game can be played in a variety of ways. You have the option of playing the game by yourself or with buddies. Adventure Mode, Country Streak, attle Royale, Daily Challenge, Band others are among the most popular games.

Top 10 Free GeoGuessr Alternatives to Play Free Geography Games


There are many other games like geoguessr on the internet. Many of them even have the same functions. GeoGuessr comes with a bundle, which keeps people interested in it.

1. Seterra


Seterra is a games like geoguessr that explains geography while still having fun. You’ll learn concerning country capitals, communities, and other useful information. There are also printable maps available.

Seterra has more gameplay modes than GeoGuessr, while GeoGuessr offers more gaming possibilities to users.

Seterra is a superior GeoGuessr alternative since it allows users to create maps without using the installed map creator.

2. City Guesser

City Guesser

They said the City Guesser game is quite simple to play. You must guess the city’s location by tapping on the map. More and more cities you successfully guess, the greater your score.

A movie will play on your computer screen, and you may begin answering by tapping “Start guessing.” Users can play this game with other pals in multiplayer mode by establishing a private room and inviting your buddy to join. City Guessr also generates stories based on some videos. It is, however, not as complex as other free GeoGuessr alternatives. Obviously, you must play this game.

3. Ducksters


Another free Geoguessr alternative is the Ducksters. You will be asked to answer questions regarding countries, continents, capitals, and flags. You win if you are correct!

This is a puzzle game based on geography. You must solve the problems by locating the appropriate areas. This game contains a wide variety of problems.

The game necessitates geography knowledge. You must learn the names of countries, towns, states, rivers, mountains, and oceans, among other things. This game is simple to learn yet tough to master.

Ducksters is a fantastic quiz app that allows you to put your knowledge to the test on a variety of themes. Anyone can take a quiz on any subject, such as biology, art, or geography. This quiz app has various features, such as Hangman, which enhances the game’s appeal.

Duclisters is an intriguing game in which you must predict what the following letter is. It’s just a fun game that’s simple to pick up yet challenging to master.

4. Geotastic


There is no need to register or pay for Geotastic game. You can use the features and competitions for free. You may also easily play the game with your pals. There are numerous game types to pick from, such as random street views, flag predicting, and flag locating.

This game is a lot of fun! Play as many rounds as you wish, with no time constraints. Make a gift to help keep the game running. Don’t forget to look into the other games created by the same developer.

5. Hide & Seek World

Hide & Seek World

There is no doubt in your mind that you want to play this Hide & Seek World game. You should absolutely give it a shot!

Hide & Seek World game focuses entirely on multi-media players. You’ll have a good time with your friends. The game revolves around hiding and locating someone. While playing this game, you will see Google Street View photos.

Hiders might choose a location that demands seekers to spend a significant amount of time searching for it. This makes it more difficult for seekers to locate the hiding place.

This is a similar game to Hide and Seek. You may play this game online by going to Google Maps and looking for it. The software is also available for download through the App Store.

You do not have to pay anything to play this game. There is a free version available, but it only allows you to play once each day. You can play more than once each day if you upgrade to the premium version. This game is extremely entertaining and addictive!

6. PlayGeography


PlayGeography is a common game in which participants try to guess the location of various locations across the world. PlayGeography is one of the geoguessr free alternatives with a map app that provides 2D maps rather than 3D ones. You can play without being concerned about the map’s quality or the reliability of the information.

This game is more of a map quiz than a geography game. You are free to play the game anyway you want. It is not necessary to create an account. It features a variety of levels of difficulty. There are more modes when compared to other free GeoGuessr alternatives.

7. GetLost

Aside from its unpleasant name, GetLost game is one of the occasions when we provide you with free services. This game is regarded as one of the top free GeoGuessr alternatives. There are 5 rounds, and you must score on each one. The end consequence is your score.

It is a game that pits institutional powers against one another. To begin playing, you must first create an account. It is possible to create an account using email or log in using your Twitter or Google account. However, if you wish to play with your friends, this is a no-go because the game does not support multi-players.

This geoguessr free alternative game is quite simple, with plenty of hints and instructions. Throughout the game, street signs, building names, and so on are employed. There are also numerous hints and cues to assist players in determining the correct answer. The setting is based primarily on North America and India. When attempting to solve the problems, players frequently become stuck. Some even claim that this is too simple!

The free version only allows you to play once every day. The map is not restricted in the paid edition.

8. Lizardpoint

Lizardpoint is a Geography Quiz website which you can play for free. You can test your knowledge of countries and locales by taking quizzes. It is a fantastic Geography Quiz website that you must check out.

This geoguessr free alternative contains a wealth of useful information about various cities. You can play games, but there are also other options. The homepage has recommendations, and if you wish to see more material, you can now use the study modes.

Lizardpoint is an adventure game that can be played on your browser. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can play the complete game from any device.

9. Zoomtastic

Another games like geoguessr is Zoomtastic which allow you to take online quiz, and learn about many countries.

The first choice is the United States. India is the second choice. Russia is the third choice. China is the fourth choice.

Never, ever surrender on yourself. Don’t allow bad things to happen to you. If you really wish to feel a bit better about yourself, play this game.

10. GuessWhere Challange

By selecting the proper answers, you can figure out where this location is. The questions are straightforward but difficult.

You must guess the position of the location displayed on the map. You lose points for each incorrect response. When the game is over, you either win if you guessed correctly or lose if you didn’t.

There are various modes in the game, such as areas, places, cities, and so on. Challenges necessitate your undivided attention, as they may require you to predict the location of mountains, tourist destinations, or even deserted areas.


We did our best to provide you with the top free geoguessr alternative games.  The options differ in terms of functionality and range. So it all depends on the type of game you’re looking for. Some of the games mentioned above provide free versions that are more than adequate, while premium versions of others provide more gaming choices.

All of the games mentioned are worth our time, so we hope you discover suitable games like Geoguessr.

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