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Does Costco Take Ebt Payment? Know More About It

You may be willing to learn if can you use EBT at Costco as a form of payment.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about whether Costco accepts EBT cards, including what types of products are available, how to apply for membership, and more.

Does Costco Accept EBT

Does Costco Accept EBT?

With this knowledge of EBT card information, it’s now time to give the right answer to your question. Yes, EBT cards are accepted at all Costco warehouse centres.

Local Costco must also adhere to state rules concerning EBT. With this, not all the sections within Costco accept it. Certain sections do not accept the card.

According to the law, however, not all goods are available to be purchased through EBT cards and not all the stores in the state accept the cards. Therefore, identifying the perfect stores that take EBT cards is one of the problems many are facing.

All You Need to Know About EBT Cards

For you to know whether Costco accepts EBT or not, there are some basic things you need to know. So keep on reading as I give you the best answers to your questions regarding EBT cards.

ETB is simply an acronym for “Electronic Benefits Transfer” which was founded in 2004. It is a system that gives the welfare departments of the state access to distribute benefits through an encoded payment card used specifically in the United States.

After being given this card, the government will be funding it monthly to give you an opportunity to take good care of your family and yourself.

Based on our research, each participant receives nothing less than $125 of EBT payout every month. EBT cards given for benefits are usually of two types i.e Food EBT. The Food EBT cards are federally issued benefits which can only be used to buy edible products and non-alcoholic drinks. This form of benefit are distributed via a program called SNAP (Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program) formerly known as Food Stamp Program.

Cash benefits on the other hand, is a state general reward or assistance given to the needy. This form of program is tagged TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).


Advantage of an EBT card

Utilizing your EBT card significantly reduces your financial burden. Given the EBT assistance you receive for other necessities, the majority of these items won’t significantly strain your budget

EBT cards are highly advantageous because it allows you to receive cash benefits from your bank account every month. This cash is not meant to be returned like a loan credit.

Furthermore, there is no charge on items purchased using an EBT card. You can also purchase goods in bulk and that is worth the value of your benefit cash.

With all these advantages in mind, the most significant downside of an EBT card is its restricted usage, especially on what and where you can use it. Apart from that, there are no other problems using the card.

How To Apply for EBT Cards

EBT cards are only issued to individuals who are qualified to be part of the SNAP program.

However, approval for this initiative is largely dependent on meeting the qualifying requirements of the state you belong to. It is meant for the less privileged people. So, this indicates that your government body is responsible for deciding your eligibility for the SNAP program.

Some Restrictions of EBT Cards at Costco

It is pertinent to note that there are restrictions on the use of your EBT card at Costco. As initially stated, national or state restrictions on EBT cards are intact. Vitamins, for instance, cannot be bought with your EBT which literally means that you may likely not get them there.

However, you can visit any other Costco places in other states to request for food items you are not able to get at Costco.

At the same time, you will be prohibited from purchasing food from the Costco food court with your EBT card. This may appear trivial, but it is not and can’t be irritating.

Lastly, there are restrictions on how you may settle the bill for your food. Therefore, paying for groceries and non-grocery things will be somewhat more complex than normal. Alternatively, you can tell the cashier to assist you in splitting the payment methods in a single exchange.

You can make use of other payment methods for additional goods in your cart, or execute your orders as individual transactions.

However, the following is the list of items that you will not be able to purchase with an EBT card at either Costco or other local grocery shop.

Pet nutrition
Cleaning equipment
Household necessities


Does Costco take EBT Cards online?

No, you cannot make use of your SNAP benefits to make online purchases at Costco. Therefore, in order to use your food stamps, you must go to the local warehouse.

Does the Costco Food Court accept EBT Cards?

Most SNAP users are unable to make purchases at the food court because the hot foods sold there are ineligible for the programme.

Nevertheless, the Restaurant Meals Program permits qualified SNAP participants to purchase hot dishes.

Because SNAP funds are geared for purchasing cold foods and items that can be prepared by the recipient, disabled or unable-to-cook individuals have few options. Because of this need, the Restaurant Meals Program was created.

It is a state-run programme that permits elderly, homeless, and disabled SNAP participants to use their EBT cards to purchase food at SNAP-approved eateries.

Can You Make Use of EBT on Instacart Costco?

No, EBT cards cannot be used to purchase Costco groceries via Instacart. However, there are choices available if you like to purchase goods with Instacart.

SNAP-eligible In select states, Instacart shoppers across the United States can settle up their online grocery orders in full or in part using a valid EBT card at the aforementioned stores:  Save Mart, ALDI, Lucky Supermarkets, Market Bistro, Price Chopper, Market 32, Food Lion, & FoodMaxx.

This is due to Instacart’s participation in a pilot programme conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to take EBT online. Currently, clients in all states with a valid EBT card, excluding Alaska, Louisiana, and Montana, can utilise their SNAP purchases from Instacart at participating stores.

Since you can’t utilise your SNAP benefits at Costco when you shop with Instacart, I recommend the above store.

Can I use EBT to pay for my Costco membership?

No, you can’t use your EBT card for anything other than SNAP-approved food and beverages. Membership to Costco is not included in this price.

Can you use EBT at self-checkout in Costco?

If your Costco warehouse offers a self-checkout, you can just use your EBT card there.

However, not all stores permit EBT cards to be used at self-checkout. It is dependent on the state. Therefore, you must inquire with your local retailer.

Does Costco accept EBT Card for delivery?

Sorry, the short answer is No. On the Costco webpage, you cannot pay for delivery with an EBT card.

Does costco accept food stamps in Oregon?

Yes, they take SNAP benefit cards.

Can I use EBT in Washington?

Yes, can you use ebt at Costco in all their warehouses.

Does Costco Accept EBT Cards in Illinois?

Yes, Costco takes EBT and SNAP cards in all U.S. locations.


EBT cards are fantastic for easing the burden of welfare on low-income individuals. It is therefore necessary to be well examined before application and have the right knowledge of your state’s requirements.

As may be seen, Costco allows EBT cards with certain restrictions. This page explains whether or not Costco take food stamps. Feel free to ask any question regarding EBT cards in the comment section below. Thanks.

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