How Can I check my NIN number thru SMS message

Most jamb candidate face some difficulty on how they can check their NIN number, some ended up in soup by paying huge amount to some cyber cafe and this is totally wrong idea for all youth.

And funniest part is that most people don’t know that the NIN is just 11 digit and this digit is totally different, no matter how it maybe it’s always unique and it stand as your “NATIONAL IDENTITY NUMBER”.
Early this year, Jamb unfold that they will be using this NIN number for all their candidate, although they later change their policy of which it’s not compulsory.
To speak the truth, don’t you think that some organisations required this NIN before they can confirm you are legit. For example if you want to open bank account in any bank, they will surely open it for you. But your account will not be on standard level.
I mean you will be unable to deposit #300,000 to it and your daily withdraw will be limit to #20,000 per day, this rule strike on some students account. Because they are unable to provide quality ID card like NIN or others card.
Before you can have standard bank account, bank will request for any of your valid ID card. So it’s highly recommend to have one right now, because of future purpose.

Are you part of those people that lost their NIN and you are panic on how to get it back without going into too much stress? If yes, then this article is for you because it will guide you on how to retrieve your NIN.
Most JAMB candidate search for different ways to get back their NIN number online, and some pay some amount before they can get it, but we will help you to get it back with this method.
Beware it in mind, this method don’t require you to spend your money by going to any NIMC office before you can retrieve it. All you need to do is just to run some ussd code on your phone and you will surely get your NIN via SMS. This ussd code can run on MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile.

NIMC provide easier ways to access your NIN via ussd code across all Telcom network. With this ussd code you have ability to retrieve it back without any hassle. This method is highly useful for those people that lost their NIN slip or those people that are not with their NIN slip and they are in need of it urgently.
Just run the ussd code and get your NIN via SMS.


Which code will I used to check or retrieve my NIN number?

If you are part of the victim that lost their NIN slip and want to retrieve it, please be with us, because will are going to analyse on how to get it back.

Requirements to get or retrieve your NIN back

Firstly, be sure that you have registered on NIMC platform (I mean you once own the NIN slip). Let me elaborate, you have enrolled for NIN
Make sure you still have the SIM you use for NIN registration
On your SIM card have at least minimum credit of #50
Active phone that have good network coverage

How can I retrieve my NIN number with SMS

Precaution: As mentioned earlier, be sure you have the SIM you use for the registration.
It’s highly important use have the SIM on good condition because if you run the ussd code on SIM card that is not use for enrollment, you will get invalid sms.
And make sure you have up to #30 only.
Once you have above requirements, you can proceed by running this ussd code *345#. When you run the ussd code a message will pop up saying;
“Welcome to NIMC service, enter 1 to get back your NIN number”
This service will cost you just #20 only.

Remember that this ussd code work on all network.
So you need to stop paying huge amount to people in exchange for your NIN number.

What if I don’t have the number I used for NIN registration

In some situations, some people can lost their SIM or damage. I advise you to retrieve the SIM or you visit any NIMC office for proper documentation.
If you have any queries, please don’t find it difficult by using our comment section.


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