20 Cash Advance Apps Like Dave & Apps Like Earnin

I guess you’re searching for the best cash advance apps like dave. If I guess right, then I can boldly say you’re on the right page to access cash advance apps like earnin, and so on.

cash advance apps like dave

Sometimes, you may need to settle some bills with money but unfortunately, out of funds in your pocket. In this situation, you look elsewhere to get the financial assistance to fulfil the urgent needs and payback in your next earnings. This is where payday advance apps and apps like Dave come in.

What is Dave’s instant cash advance app, and How does it work?

It is a simple payday loan apps that give you access to advance financial assistance and allow you to pay later.

A lot of people use this instant cash advance app to borrow money online to settle their urgent or upcoming bills. Here on apps like dave, you can have access to $100 urgently and pay the money back in your subsequent earnings.

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Dave app is among the top best money lender apps on the internet. Instead of worrying about the charges on money you borrow. This app only charges you a monthly subscription of just$1. Invariably, Dave app makes borrowing of money easier than ever before.

However, no matter how good it is, people are still searching for the best cash advance apps like dave to borrow money online. Here in this short article, I’ve provided the best loan apps like dave which you can use as Dave alternatives for borrowing money online.

Top 20 Best Loan Apps Like Dave & Earnin

1. Chime

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This is one of the top-rated apps like earnin and dave. Chime has rescued many people in settling their urgent bills through their instant loan of $50 on the app. One unique trait of Chime that makes it distinct from other payday loan apps is that you can access loans on this platform even if you have no cash in your balance.

Chime operates exactly like online banking. You will be issued a debit card which is totally free after you’re done with your registration on the app.

You can access this app on your mobile phone, and it’s available for both Android and iSO devices. Chime app also enables you to make money transactions to your loved ones, get notifications of balance on this app, and deposit cash.

2. Even

Even is also one of the world-class apps for early payday. It allows you to meet up with your urgent financial needs through their money loan feature.

In the Even app, you can access 50% out of the money you’ve earned previously. In order for you to gain access to borrowing money on this app, users must first of all be supported by their employer.

To be sincere, Even app is more expensive than any other instant cash advance app out there. You will always be charged a monthly fee of $8 when you sign in for the Even Plus feature.

3. Earnin

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Earnin is among the best loan apps like Dave. When you’re stranded financially, you can always check on Earnin instant cash advance app. This platform enables you to borrow money, and the amount you can borrow is determined by the number of hours you’ve worked previously.

For example, if you have enough working hours accumulated earlier, you can have access to a $500 loan per day. Additionally, there is no need to go miles before obtaining your fund because you can always make use of its Lightning Speed system.

Earnin loans give you money without any credit, and that’s why it remains the best instant cash advance app.

4. Bright


Bright (another instant cash advance app like Earnin) allows you to have access to loans with up to $250 of urgent financial support.

This app has millions of users because it has helped lots of people in meeting up with their emergency bills. Bright is described as the best application for managing funds and planning of financial services.

This app gives you better understanding when it comes to money spending patterns.

On the Bright, you can access loans with no interest. Borrowing money on this app is very easy because you can process everything within 10 minutes.

5. Branch

Branch payday loan app

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Are you wishing to explore other payday advance apps like Earnin? Try Branch! This application is actually more than just a cash advance app. Because it goes beyond lending money out to its users.

Branch allows you to maintain your work-life by allowing you to switch and communicate with your coworkers. Not only this, Branch also monitors your working time. It is possible on this platform to earn nothing less than $500 each day, depending on your working hours.

6. CashNetUSA


CashNetUSA is another app like Dave & Earnin. CashNetUSA is popularly known throughout the USA because the app is accessible on mobile devices. It is available for both Android and iPhone.

CashNetUSA allows its users to have quick access to loan credit and convenience. It also allows you to manage your credit yourself.

7. MoneyLion

apps like dave

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MoneyLion is another instant cash advance app like Earnin & Branch. This app gives its users access to obtain loans in advance and payback later.

MoneyLion has helped millions of people, especially during time of emergency that requires money.

On MoneyLion, you receive as little as $250 in advance each day. One of the distinct features of MoneyLion is that it enables you to transfer your funds to your local bank. They charge no interest on any borrowed money.

Note that MoneyLion app cannot be accessible in some countries such as Indian, Montana, Nebraska, and so on.

8. DailyPay

This is another advanced money app like Dave. One of the reasons why DailyPay is spectacular is that you can access your unpaid salaries or wages in a very safe and convenient time.

Additionally, the app gives you access to borrow money urgently whenever there is a delay in the payment of your monthly wages. You can therefore pay back later.

The DailPay app works on both PC and Android devices.

9. Affirm


Here is another payday loan app like Dave. It is known for its simplicity in terms of online purchases which helps you split into a durable monthly payment.

Not only this, Affirm functions just like a credit card without charging you any fee. It also allows you to buy anything from different locations of your choice. All that is needed is to fill in the first page of the app and choose your preferred payment schedule that is very suitable for your job.

Affirm app can be accessible both on iPhone and Android devices.

10. Even Instapay

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Even Instapay is another spectacular loan app like earnin. It is regarded as one of the best advanced money apps online.

On Even Instapay, you can borrow money and also have access to their different tools that are specifically designed for financial planning.

When you urgently need some funds, you can always make use of the app in request of a loan which will be automatically deposited to your savings account. This process is done without charging a dime

11. Activehours

Activehours is a very distinct advance money app in the sense that it doesn’t require any business day before processing your payment. On Activehours, you can be paid instantly whenever you complete your work.

Activehours app is compatible with any kind of business you are running and it also allows you as an employee to receive your payment immediately without delay. However, your employer should also be a registered user of Activehours.

Apart from this, you can cash out $100 each day from your paycheck without charging any fee.

12. FlexWage

FlexWage offers nothing but a perfect advance money loan. However, borrowing of money on FlexWage is only possible if your employer partners with the service.

FlexWage is not only available for money loans because it can also be used for making bank transactions, checking account balances, viewing of transaction history and many more.

FlexWage app is available for Windows, macOS, Android devices, and iPhones.

13. Ingo Money

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Ingo Money is another best advance money app like Dave. This money loan app has many features different from the apps mentioned above.

On Ingo Money, you can have access to your cash paychecks, business checks and your personal paychecks.

This app can also be used to make necessary bank transactions and purchase of different products online. For instance, you can transfer cash to another bank through the Ingo Money app, buy gift cards from Amazon, pay bills, and so on.

The app is available on Windows, macOS, Android devices, and iPhone.

Other instant cash advance apps like Dave

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14. Axos Bank
15. Empower
16. Varo
17. PayActiv
18. Floatme
19. SoFi Money
20. LenMe

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I believe the article above has given vivid details about different advanced money apps like Dave. It is now your choice to explore any of the apps discussed above.
Kindly drop a comment below if there is any confusion in the details of the apps above.

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