13 Free Anonymous Chatting Apps Like Whisper

If either you enjoy the idea of voicing yourself without the burden of a sense of shame, or if you’re searching for non-judgmental advice. then, there are best apps like whisper you can make use of.

What’s Whisper?

There are plenty of apps for anonymous chatting out there and Whisper is one of them. But just to make sure you don’t get mistaken.

Top 13 Anonymous Apps Similar To Whisper For iOS and Android

Here are 13 of the best apps like whisper that you should check out.

1. Yalla

Yalla app

Available on Android & iOS

Yalla is a free social app that is available on both Android and iOS. It allows you to share your experiences with your friends, family, and strangers. You can also interact with strangers by connecting with them socially. It also offers different features such as voice chat, video chat, a private space, and more.



Available on Android & iOS

RandoChat is a fast-paced app that brings back the feeling of meeting at a party. It includes easy-to-use features that simplify your social experience. It is a private social platform where you can connect with strangers, make new friends, and share your thoughts and interests. This app also has a strong moderation system that gives you some peace of mind when you are using the app.

The app includes a unique feature called “Friends” that allows you to connect with other users. These friends are sorted into groups that you can join.

3. Moco


Available on Android & iOS

It is an Internet dating platform designed for Mature individuals 17+. Just like the other internet dating platforms, your profile can be filled with photos, videos, and a message. You can message friends, but as your profile remains open to anyone, you can also be identified by others. Photos and videos can be uploaded, and messages can be exchanged by public, private, or group chats. You can search people by their age, gender, and location making it easy for you to have fun in your city or around the world.

Moco is declaring itself the biggest social network with users from across African American, Latino, and Afro-Hispanic cultures.

4. Cloak


Available on Android & iOS

Cloak is also one of the anonymous social networks and also gets introduced in the year 2013.

The app is having a feature which allows the user to simply hide their real name from the others. Also, it is also available in more than 30 languages and also it has more than 10 million users at present time. This app is the most popular in the United States and also in Latin America.

5. Jodel

Available on Android & iOS

With Whisper and Jodel, people have the ability to discuss current events and gain more information on what goes on around their community. With Jodel, you are able to identify trends in your locality like voting on local problems. You can always have easy access to such information with your identity hidden.

So putting it in a nutshell, jodel is an amazing app,  it allows you to communicate with amazing people in your local community just as other anonymous apps like whisper.

6. Reddit

Available on Android & iOS

Reddit is an internet community where users can share their opinions on everything. It is not just meant for posting funny GIFs, it is a platform that allows its users to discuss anything of their interest like politics, science, social issues, and many other topics. It is totally free for everyone to participate, comment, discuss and vote. No registration is required to participate. Anyone can add pictures, share their views and ask people for their opinions on your problems.

7. MeetMe

Available on Android & iOS

MeetMe is 100% free for meeting strangers and making friends. It is the best social network and chatting app. You can meet new people nearby and start chatting with ease.

MeetMe is one of the most popular apps for meeting new people. Using this app, you can meet strangers nearby and start chatting at ease. Once you register, you can chat with new users and make new friends in MeetMe

This app like whisper is a social network that helps you to make friends and meet people nearby. You can add friends, chat with people nearby, make new friends, and more.

8. Ablo

Available on Android & iOS

ABLO is a free app that lets you chat with interesting people nearby in real-time. You can also make friends easily. You just need to choose a location and a person to meet. After that, click on “Ready to meet”, and your phone will find the person you are looking for. Meet interesting people nearby with ABLO.

You can now use this app to meet new people and even friends. You can even create your own chat room and chat with others easily.


BRAVE is a free app that allows you to chat with strangers. This app comes with all the features that you would expect in a good Whisper alternative, including anonymous chatting and the ability to send virtual gifts. It is also possible to chat with multiple people at the same time.


Available on Android & iOS

Curious Cat is a free app that allows you to chat with other users anonymously. You can also send virtual gifts to your friends. This is a totally free app that is available on both iOS and Android.

11. Sarahah

Available on Android & iOS

Sarahah seems to be one of the anonymous apps like whisper that enables you to secretly write messages on other people’s social media profiles. In Arabic, the word Sarahah implies ‘honesty.’ It’s a fantastic way to express your own opinions.

12. SoulFa

Available on Android & iOS

You can join a virtual world with the help of SoulFa (a free chat app that allows you to build chemistry with strangers). This is a vast chat app community where many people can do well. Simply find a chat and express yourself, or meet others to express yourself. People come here to find various things, from languages to meeting new friends. It is all about personal development. Even if you are searching for a date, SoulFa offers a great way to express yourself and have fun at the same time.

If you are the kind of person who likes having parties all the time, this app may be just for you. It enables you to have party after party with friends as well as family. You can make a birthday party, a baby shower, and a housewarming. The app also allows you to send party gifts to people who can reciprocate

13. StarChat

Available on Android & iOS

This chat platform requires you to create a room to discuss personal information, including your preferences and the details of your social life.
The app requires friends to add to the party, so as soon as you create the room, you’ll have instant access to the members of your social circle as well as people from all over the world.
The StarChat platform features voice chat, which means you can use it to make free calls around the world.
The app also has karaoke and other virtual games, which means everyone in the room can sing or play a game in perfect harmony. Anyone and everyone can use this chat application to keep in touch with people close to them, or make.

FAQ on Whisper

Are there any apps like Whisper?

Yes, there are many anonymous apps like Whisper. The most famous one is Sarahah which can also be downloaded on Google Play. However, Whisper is the only app with a different way of interacting with people.

Are These Whisper Alternatives Free?

Yes, all the apps in this article are free to download and use but some might display ads or limit you on some features.

Is My Identity Safe With These Whisper Alternatives?

Yes, as long as you don’t reveal your address and personal details. This is the main reason why people install these apps.

Which Whisper App Should I Use?

There are many Whisper alternatives you can use. If you want to be anonymous on the internet, then it is recommended that you use the apps that have the least amount of tracking. Some of them have less than 100 million users.

What if I Like Whisper?

It also goes for the Whisper alternatives. The more popular the app, the more likely it is to be an anonymous app. However, keep in mind that some apps may be discontinued or may not be available for a long time for a number of reasons.

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