14 Best Apps Like Quadpay & Perpay | Buy Now Pay Later

Quadpay is an online payment service that enables clients to purchase products now and pay later. It enables you to make purchases without regard for your available funds.

Today, there are numerous types of apps like quadpay on the market. Some are free, some are paid, and some are both. You should experiment with as many as possible before determining which ones to take.

Apps Like Quadpay

14 Best Apps Like Quadpay & Perpay


1. Afterpay


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Both Afterpay and quadpay alternatives have numerous advantages. Both schemes permit you to shop online and pay in four equal instalments. They also have a large number of vendors on board. Afterpay, on the other hand, does not have as many merchants as quadpay.

On-time payment increases your chances of approval. Afterpay-accepting stores.

2. Affirm

Affirm pay later app

Affirm is a company that assists you in paying your payments when you are cash-strapped. Affirm can be used to make purchases both online and over the phone. There is no requirement for a minimum credit score to apply. To validate your identification, a credit check is performed.

The average consumer, according to the organisation, takes out a $749 loan and repays it in nine months at an 18% APR. That’s a substantial number for an online lender, making Affirm is one of the superb apps like quadpay for larger purchases.

3. Slice

Slice is an excellent software for Indians. This software allows you to pay for items. You can receive a credit limit by opening a free account. After verification, your account will be approved.

There are no fees for using Splice, however, if you live in India, you will have to pay interest on your payments. Splice is a fantastic buy now, pay later apps like quadpay that are worth a look!

4. Perpay

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Perpay is one of the simple online payroll apps like quadpay platform that permits you to handle the payrolls of your employees. You have the option of setting up automatic deposits into each employee’s bank account or manually depositing funds. You can also set up automatic monthly payments for your staff. You can even put a spending cap in place for your staff.

5. FlexWallet

Available on iOS & Android

FlexWallet does not base your spending limit on your credit score. Instead, it considers your prior purchases as well as your income to calculate how much you have to spend just like other apps like quadpay.

Users who successfully complete an identity verification process are handed a virtual credit card. These cards can be used to make purchases both online and in-store. Install FlexWallet on your Android & iOS device.

6. LayBuy

Available on iOS & Android

Laybuy is one of the new payment apps like perpay that allows you to purchase products without making an upfront fee. You can access this service by going to laybuy.com or installing the app to your smartphone. You must submit personal information such as your name, email, contact information, and so on in order to establish an account. Following acceptance, you will be given a weekly spending limit. You must authenticate your identity before making any purchases.

If a consumer does not pay by the deadline, he or she will be assessed a $8 late fee. However, if he settles before the 6-week term is up, he will receive his money back.

7. Four App

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Available on iOS & Android

Four App is part of a young but rapidly expanding just like apps like perpay. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly create a profile and begin purchasing online. FourApp’s staff has collaborated with well-known brands all around the world to provide a perfect consumer experience.

This programme enables users to make online transactions without having to think about credit card protection or paying excessive fees.

8. FuturePay

Additionally, individual can select the amount they wish to pay each month and the date on which they wish to repay their loans which make it different from other apps like perpay.

The company offers an outstanding service. Their website and applications are simple to use. They provide outstanding customer service.

Signing up for an account with Future Pay is free, and it will take the least amount of time to be approved and ready for usage. You can use your tab to make online purchases without using your credit card. You have the option of paying off your debt in full at the end of each billing cycle, or you will be charged $1.5 per month in every $50 left over.

9. Tabby App

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Available on iOS & Android

Tabby app works with numerous American retailers to provide the comfort of shopping to consumers’ homes. Getting an account approved is simple and quick. To proceed, a user only needs to link a credit card after being approved. Furthermore, clients may shop for a variety of brands without incurring any additional expenses or being concerned about hidden fees.

10. Klarna

Available on iOS & Android

Klarna, you should absolutely give this app like perpay a shot! This is a fantastic tool that lets you divide your payments into smaller sums. If you like, you can even have interest added to your account.

It provides excellent financing choices. You can pay with a credit card or an alternate method. Klarna also provides alternative payment options, such as paying in instalments over time.

You should always be cautious when it comes to credit card statements. Check them thoroughly before paying any fees or making any transactions. Paying late fees might have a negative impact on your credit score. Using Klarna, you may buy now and pay later for free!

11. OpenPay

Available on iOS & Android

OpenPay is a corporation that sells products through the internet. They accept credit cards and PayPal payments. They also practise veterinary medicine.

Large-ticket shops are diversifying their offerings to include education, home remodelling, and optometry.

12. Splitit

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Splitit makes the service of buying now and paying later more accessible. Splitit users do not need to apply for a credit line. You can make purchases and pay in instalments using your existing MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card. When making an online purchase from one of their partners, you can select SplitIt as a payment method and specify how many instalments you wish to pay back to the entire amount of your purchase. Each month, these payments are deducted automatically from your credit or debit card. The maximum purchasing limit for debit cards is $400.

13. ViaBill

ViaBill is accepted as a payment mechanism by over 5,500 websites. You are required to give your personal details. Users can pay in monthly instalments, with the first one due at the time of the transaction.

ViaBill is comparable to QuadPay in that it does not conduct credit checks. There’s no need to be concerned about interest rates.

14. Zebit

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Zebit is an online retailer that allows you to obtain a $2500 loan with no interest. To qualify, you must be over the age of 18 and employed or retired with benefits. Zebit does not collect membership fees, however, it does charge interest.


These are the greatest apps like perpay & quadpay to use right now! The amazing thing about these alternatives app is that the majority of them allow you to defer payments without incurring interest. I advocate using these apps for significant purchases that you cannot afford right now but will be capable of paying off in monthly instalments later.

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